Sunday, September 20, 2009

When You're Least Expecting

I've had the weirdest week. I'm usually a very upbeat person and typically greet the day with a smile on my face and a light air of happiness. This past week saw the other side of me come out though, starting on Wednesday morning with the maintenance men. I can't narrate the story of the maintenance for you or I will start to simmer again. Given my previous history with the maintenance men in this building - including the one who ASSAULTED my friend in my apartment and subsequently plead guilty to some misdemeanor version of the charge - Wednesday could have been worse. Seeing that the aforementioned man was at my building to work on the emergency plumbing fix (which caused them to turn off the hot water with no notification to any of us) was definitely the worst part. He said nothing to me - just smiled. Creepy. But it actually was the other man who I dealt with to fix the minor problems in my bathroom that irritated me the longest. And the no hot water. I hadn't showered yet.

So Wednesday morning sucked. A lot.

Then the strangest thing happened: I found out I was being hired two days on a union voucher for work, which means that now I will be able to join the union. I have been working for this for 15 months and had all but given up hope. Conceding that I can not survive on non-union wage alone, I was preparing to go back to a corporate job and actually had a meeting arranged for that afternoon with a placement agency. And then completely out of the blue, I found out my good fortune.

I was so overwhelmed and surprised by it that I couldn't truly celebrate! My energy was stuck in that bitter, angry spin cycle where the next innocent passer-by may get knifed. I mean, they say it's going to happen when you're not looking for it. Well, they say this about love. So I think they must mean it about all amazing surprises. You're not expecting any new cash coming in and then you receive a random refund check from your credit card company. You go with your friend to an audition and they like your look so you read - then you book a national commercial. You walk around the corner, broccoli in your teeth, stringy, unwashed hair, no makeup on to cover up the three new zits that sprung up overnight, and you walk into your soul mate. (I'm testing this last one out by regularly going for walks looking my worst - I don't even brush my teeth - but so far the only men I've walked into was a garbage man and a gay dog-walker. The dog-walker sort of foundered backwards. I think he caught a whiff of my morning breath.) Well, not only was I not looking for the voucher success; I was deaf, dumb and blind to it. I have no idea how it happened. And I'm not sure if it's really hit me yet.

Wednesday morning: low. Wednesday afternoon: high. Thursday I worked (union!) and was in a slight fog all day. I think I was afraid they might change their minds while I was there and inform me I'd only be earning the non-union wage or something. Friday I was on edge, waiting for confirmation that I was working (union!) on Monday again. I did get confirmation and then heaved a big sigh of relief. But I haven't been able to shake this whole feeling of frustration that started Wednesday. I thought when the time came that I earned all the prerequisites to join the union, I'd be over the moon. I have yet to do my full spontaneous joy song/happy dance. I am going to do it soon though, I am. Here is how it goes:

Yeeeeeeeeeahhhh!!! I'm joining the union! I did it! (double fist-pump, kick, kick, kick)

Oh my God!!!! I'm going to be union! Yay meeee!! (fist-pump, kick, fist-pump, kick)

You know what? That felt good. I'm actually already feeling a bit better. Maybe I'll stand up and do a few kick-pumps.

Yay me!!!

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