Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm Sorry, Lizzy

I was just reading an article that brought back some old, less than savory memories. A college freshman who had accused a Notre Dame football player of sexually assaulting her has killed herself. She told her friends that she wasn't raped; the attack had been interrupted by a knock at the door ( It seems she suffered from depression and this event may have pushed her over the edge.

My freshman year of college I attended a large school known more for its partying and football team than its educational merits. I was a wide-eyed freshman girl who wasn't used to the attention I got from the opposite sex there. I mean, it's not like I didn't date before then. But freshman girls got labeled "fresh meat" and boy, did the boys treat us that way. I was also too insecure to know the difference between good attention and the dangerous kind. One night at a frat party my friend and I went upstairs with a couple of the brothers to see their room and have (more) to drink. I got separated from my friend - I can't remember how, but do remember that separating from her hadn't been my plan. Yet there I suddenly was, alone with this upper-classman in his barely-lit bedroom. He was sitting on his computer chair and I was standing a couple of feet away from him. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor - he had literally leapt out of the chair and lunged at my waist, wrapping his arms around me as we landed on the floor. His hands and mouth were instantly all over me. I remember feeling like I couldn't protest because after all, he was older and what did I know? Wouldn't it be really uncool for me to tell him I didn't like what he had just done, and was doing? Wouldn't I seem like a baby if I disagreed with anything he said (or did)? God, the dangerousness of those insecurities...

Then an angel appeared. Or as it appeared at the time, came a knock at the door. One of the other frat brothers opened the door, saw us and said "Oh, sorry. I thought no one was in here." As he started to back out of the room I said "NO, no, you didn't interrupt anything. I was just leaving." And with that, I swiftly picked myself up and stumbled drunkenly out the door. I found my friend and told her we had to leave and I was going to be sick.

That night I was was endlessly thankful for the clean toilet bowl in my dorm bathroom. Tonight as I read about Lizzy Seeberg, I am endlessly thankful to God for the near-miss of my own those many years ago. College guys in groups like sports teams and fraternities can lose all sense of individual responsibility and in some cases make the wrong choices based on false entitlement.

I wonder if that asshole in the frat house ever thinks about that night. I doubt it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where Is the Life That Late I Lead

My brain is fried, my eyes are heavy and my breathing is slow and steady. I already almost fell asleep once tonight, at the kitchen table. Now I'm happily in bed and fighting off the moment when my lids start shutting on their own and I lose the battle to fatigue. Welcome to "Life, 2010 Edition." A Fall that showed promise of so many good things has turned into one over-committed exhausting week after another. I barely see my friends anymore and I haven't had eight straight hours of sleep in longer than I can recall. I don't like this... my life has run away without me. I see it ahead of me somewhere, probably about a half mile down the road. I'm running as fast as I can to catch up with it. But it keeps running.

I miss my life. I'm going to figure out how to get it back, starting now.

Starting tomorrow morning. My eye lids just won the fight.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just in Time for Carnival

I am happy to report that relations between the US and Brazil are positive and all signs point to continued diplomatic exchanges. The State Department has even passed a resolution requiring that all Ambassadors in Brazil enroll immediately in samba school.

This week coming holds much promise, little of it sleep. I am booked, double booked, and waiting to hear when I will be booked for more. In the last few months I've made some shifts in my professional life with the intent of moving upward and consequently have ceased working on set full-time so I can have the freedom to nurture my career as needed. I found a new day job that has flexibility... fell into an additional job that really appealed to me, though it is very part-time... enrolled in a class joined a drama group started up again with my choir ohmygodwheredidthetime go??? Suddenly my season of building my career has turned into juggling day jobs and sleeping very little and that socializing thing that I like to do sometimes? That went out the window. And don't get me started on the political crap I now deal with working in a very small office consisting of me and three other women. That is another post entirely.

So now I'm working on paring down some of the less important things that I have going on; pruning my tree of life, if you will. I will let you know how it goes. As of now I have 3 scratches and one mystery bruise from racing past that tree of life and getting tangled in the branches. Well, the scratches are from that. The bruise may be from rolling around on the forest floor. OK, I may have been doing the samba. Horizontally. Whatever.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tall and Tan and Dark and Lovely


What does one normally associate with Brazilian men? Something about a beach and very little clothing. And I am happy to report that this generalization holds true. This evening I find myself at the apartment of a very sweet and very lovely [Editor's note: "lovely" has been substituted for a vulgar word deemed inappropriate given January's very recent return to the blogosphere] Brazilian guy, someone I met through a mutual friend some time ago. He's an actor, not the least bit shy about his body, and has readily shown me pictures and footage of himself in various states of undress. He helped me with some video editing today and our conversation has rolled quite comfortably all afternoon. I find myself so comfortable, in fact, that I showed him this blog. And after reading many of my posts he promptly challenged me to write another one right now. This despite my recent extended absence. So does this mean, per the post directly preceding this one, that I'm now feeling inspired?

Umm, there is a hot Brazilian man lying on a bed not four feet away from me. What do you think?

Hi, Old Friend

Hi. It's been a while. As someone suggested to me, perhaps I should explain my occasional extended periods of absence with "I needed some time off to find new inspiration."

Yeah. What he said.