Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tall and Tan and Dark and Lovely


What does one normally associate with Brazilian men? Something about a beach and very little clothing. And I am happy to report that this generalization holds true. This evening I find myself at the apartment of a very sweet and very lovely [Editor's note: "lovely" has been substituted for a vulgar word deemed inappropriate given January's very recent return to the blogosphere] Brazilian guy, someone I met through a mutual friend some time ago. He's an actor, not the least bit shy about his body, and has readily shown me pictures and footage of himself in various states of undress. He helped me with some video editing today and our conversation has rolled quite comfortably all afternoon. I find myself so comfortable, in fact, that I showed him this blog. And after reading many of my posts he promptly challenged me to write another one right now. This despite my recent extended absence. So does this mean, per the post directly preceding this one, that I'm now feeling inspired?

Umm, there is a hot Brazilian man lying on a bed not four feet away from me. What do you think?

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