Sunday, August 9, 2009

Me Day

Yesterday was a great day. It was a Me Day. Me Days are all about self-pleasure, guilty or otherwise. My Me Day was spent solo (the best kind of Me Day) and involved a long walk to the local mall to view not one but two recent movies I really wanted to see but never got to. Movie Me Days require a movie (or two) that you surpassingly want to see (check), lots of popcorn (check) and prime seats (check - I was the second one in the theater). My Movie Me Day was extra nice because upon asking, the nice concession stand boy gave me a free popcorn refill. Score! So movie number two got a tasty treat too.

What did I see, pray tell? 1) The Hangover. Guilty pleasure all around. Also snort-out-loud funny. 2) Harry Potter #whatever. I love Harry Potter. I was sad to realize I've really forgotten how much of the stories go - hey, it's been a while since I've read them! - but I enjoyed the story nonetheless. In fact, I enjoyed the experience altogether. In fact, I believe my favorite moment of the day came during Harry Potter when the woman next to me - also a solo viewer, also seated in that prime row of seats allowing us a foot rest on the rail ahead - shouted to Dumbledore "Stick!!" I don't think English was her first language. And I'm fairly certain his dropped wand was a major plot point. Almost as enjoyable was her breathy "RUN!" a few minutes later.

I gotta take a Me Day more often.

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