Friday, August 7, 2009

Post One

The other morning I woke up with a plethora of thoughts. Not the way cocaine might make you go go go nonstop with no pause for thought, but the way they all gracefully spring up when you're up early and hit the road before hitting a coffee. With each passing mile another one wakes, stretches and joins the symphony. Gratitude for the day. Reminder of phone calls needed to be made. Guessing who you might see that day. Awe at the colors in the rising sun. Wondering how your tenth grade crush is doing on this day in his life. You know, the usual. And as I got farther from home and closer to my destination, I wished I had a laptop (and two extra hands to man the wheel) to expunge these babies so they could take life and grow on their own somewhere other than my seemingly-at-capacity head. I feared I'd lose them if I didn't! Well in truth, I did - that morning was probably a week ago and half of what I meditated on in the car has already gone the way of pogo sticks.

I'd thought before about creating a blog for this mish-mash of thoughts. But for the love of God, do you realize how many decisions go into starting one up? Title. Title alone has taken me four days. Color and font have been the last couple of hours. (Why pink, you might ask? Because I'm a girl and I like it. And I'm entitled.) What to write about, well... that was easier, more by default than anything else. The requirement to write on any one topic would quickly feel laborious and I'm not out to create work for myself. I want the freedom to allow my thoughts full range of motion. Or maybe I'm just reluctant to commit to any one thing.

Story of my life.

But before I get too ahead of myself... A skosh about me. For the sake of this blog, my name is January. I live in Los Angeles and I work in the entertainment business. Truly nothing glam about any of it, but it is generally a lot of fun for me. Being on set beats sitting behind a desk any day.

I think that's just enough to remain within the definition of a skosh (insert grin: here).

So the other morning, the one with the exploding thoughts that may or may not have been facilitated by the lack of caffeine, this is the sunrise that left me in awe. Try to imagine the pinks slightly more vibrant; the clouds, whispier; the mountains holding the last tint of darkness that would come until another day was finished. An iPhone can only do so much.

See? Many thoughts. Totally blessed. Happy, if not occasionally frustrated. And so much to share.

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