Saturday, December 19, 2009

Le Tigre

[Editor's note: January wrote this at approximately 4:15 am, body-time. She posted it later on a computer. If she ever figures out how to blog from her iPhone she will announce it via iPhone from a remote destination such as Paris, the Serengeti, or the Ancient Ruins of Ouxexiahaha.]

[Editor's note, part 2: January has final editorial review over all Editorial notes. Therefore Editor can not accept responsibility for the potential fabrication of exotic locales or, say, ancient ruins.]

I am sitting at a motley painted picnic table in the most unlikely
place for such an item: Chicago's O'Hare airport. I'm in the middle of my red-eye flight back east. I fell asleep on the last flight before we took off so that should give you some indication of how awake I am right now. That and the fact that I'm typing on my swanky little pink netbook. Oh, wait. I don't have a netbook. Make that thumb prancing on my iPhone.

I am not long for this world of thumb blogging, so I'll keep this brief. Plus, I'm not sure we're all ready for January Stream of Conscious on four (?) hours of sleep. But I saw an advertisement as I walked out of the terminal too priceless to pass by. Naturally I stopped and took a pic.
Um, I think it is to him.

Happy Travels.

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