Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dlo 2.0

Prepare yourself: the following information is going to shock you.  You may want to take a seat.

My parents are now both on Facebook.  We have achieved Dlo 2.0.

At first they were tentative... My father reluctantly joined; he didn't want too much of his personal time to be sucked into the computer.  I think he may actually believe his computer monitor has metaphysical properties that might one day actually suck him in if and when he exceeds his allotted web-cruising time.  My mother joined months ago, but didn't do much with her account at first.  Now all that has changed, with the rise of the geriatric population on Facebook.  Both Mom and Dad have found many friends, former classmates and co-workers to connect with.  My mom seems to really like it.  I mean, she likes it a lot.  As in, Likes everything on it.  My mom clicks "Like" to every post she reads, from what I can tell.  At first I thought to mention proper web etiquette and suggest that perhaps Liking everything wasn't exactly an efficient or honest use of the button.  But I resisted, and in fact her perennial Liking has grown on me.  After 38 years of trying to please my mother, I have finally gotten it right.  She Likes everything I do!

Thank you, Facebook.  Here's to the aiding of family relations.  I Like!

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