Friday, March 11, 2011

Men Are From Mars

I'm on a date tonight, date number two with Seth, a date that took over two weeks to put together because Seth's been so busy at work doing depositions and preparing for a big case yadda yadda. We get together tonight somewhat last minute, since no other time during the week was available and tomorrow I've got other plans. Since this is a Friday night, I'm thinking, heck. We should have a drink! I sure could use one after an abysmal work week. When I suggest this to Seth, he says, "I was thinking Starbucks. I'm really not familiar with the bar scene."

This was the camel's really heavy straw number one.

But I say, sure, let's do Starbucks (again! Date number one was at the very same Starbucks!) We meet and I enjoy a good solid 25 minutes of Seth talking... about... everything in the world... and nothing of personal value relating to him or me. No second-date "So where'd you go to college?" or "Ever do anything kooky you wish you could take back? Really, a tattoo of Hello Kitty ?! Where??" This is a very intelligent man, to be sure. A former professor, on our last date we discussed his former subject - film - at length, and it was an enjoyable evening! This time, not so much. Our date started with an awkward hug that illuminated for me a lack of chemistry between us.

This was straw number two.

So we - or rather, he - talk for an hour and half or so. He's obviously tired from the week (as am I); I can tell this by his large open-mouth yawn. I stifle mine. Seems the polite thing to do. And finally he says "Are you really tired? You seem really tired." I reply that I am and do not add "I've been lulled to sleep by your incessant chatter." We wrap up shortly thereafter. We walk together to our cars and I simply say "Well, goodnight!" and go to give him a hug. He catches me off guard with a peck on the lips. I make it quick and get in my car.

Really, Seth? You hug like a man bound permanently in a backwards white buckled jacket and have made no progress in making a personal connection with me... but you're giving me a goodbye kiss on the lips?

Men are weird. Or rather, Seth is from Saturn.

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