Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make Haste

The pressure to type out a witty but deep, insightful yet light and entertaining entry is mounting rapidly. My brain cells are falling asleep as I write this. The stimuli around me - "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" by Zeppelin piping through the speakers, miscellaneous chatter from several different conversations and the break of balls on a pool table - are all vying for my attention. I must be expeditious.

I'm getting drunk.

I came home this afternoon after being out and about and realized that I would be yet again passing an afternoon at my kitchen table surfing on Bella, toute seule. It is a gorgeous day out, and a Saturday no less! So I decided to do something both slightly outside my comfort zone and also right in the crossfires of long time thought and desire: I've come to my corner bar to have a drink and enjoy free WiFi. I'm proud of myself, actually. I sometimes succumb to the voices in my head that say I won't fit in by myself in public. As in, going to a bar/movie/restaurant solo means you're a loser. However, upon closer inspection, one realizes that these voices come from fear... and this year being a No Fear kind of year, I chose to ignore them. Silence, impudent maggots!

Um, as I mentioned, I'm getting drunk. As in, I'm already buzzed.

But I digress, surely I digress. Either that or I simply don't remember what the hell I was saying in the first place. I may as well start anew; new topics are always fun.

Have chatted a bit with the friendly bartender who was here the very first day I came in. I didn't know she was working today but perhaps I manifested her since I did picture her behind bar when I envisioned myself sitting here, typing away on Bella over a Coors Light.

And on the topic of Coors Light, pure piss. Diet soda with a kick. Nothing much good about it except it doesn't give me gas (hello, Bud Light) or love handles (goodbye, Blue Moon).

This morning I went to a screening of my favorite TV show. I will leave out its name and that of its star, the featured speaker after said screening. What I will say though, after how brilliant Glee is, is that Matthew Morrison is very much the stereotypical actor: charming, witty, talented, starving for attention, actually insecure, and so, so dedicated to his craft.

Oh crap, I've gone and named both the show and the star. Fiddlesticks.

I must end this now. Clearly I'm too inebriated to be writing in a public forum. And the bartender just brought me another drink - my second. Look out public, I'm drinking up!

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