Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Double Mocha Fudge Chocolate Chip, Please

People always say that the best relationships develop out of friendships. But what happens if your friend turns into a lover and all the heat between you just - POOF - vanishes??

What if you like your friend so much that you keep him around because you adore him but in the wee small hours of the night when you should be having hot oh-my-god-is-this-a-dream-or-am-I-awake sex you're instead tucking your teddy bear under your arm because, oh yeah, said friend doesn't sleep well with someone in the bed so he didn't stay over?

Doesn't it suck when you think someone likely has a Chocolate streak the size of Fudge Swirl in him but it turns out he is Vanilla - not French Vanilla - just plain old 99 Cent Store brand Vanilla made with artificial flavoring?

*Sigh.* January has some thinking to do.

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