Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not Wast[ed]

Oh dear God thank heavens I drink Coors Light. Were it anything stronger I'd already be passed out in bed instead of propped up on it enjoying the end of a PBS special. The words on the screen look less fuzzy than earlier but the ringing in my ears hasn't yet stopped...

This afternoon was great. One should always step out of one's comfort zone, preferably on a daily basis! I had a few beers (um, and a ridiculously good shot of something in the Jaggermeister family. Don't try this at home), I did some writing and I met new people. And the day absolutely flew by! I was in a particularly gregarious mood, as evidenced by my sharing of this blog with several people at the bar. Let me repeat this 'cause I'm not sure I believe it... I shared my blog with several people at the bar. YIKES! Yeah, I did. Fortunately most of them were illiterate and/or disinterested. One was not only interested, I have fair reason to believe he memorized my blog name likely so he could check it out later to see what I wrote about before. And here I am - writing about him, a man I met at the bar, read and showed my blog to, and also let feel me up.

Just kidding on the feel me up part.

I think. I was buzzed. Does his hands on my waist and hips meet the definition of being felt up? Hard to say. In my day being felt up meant second base. Don't get me started there...

Now I'm home and drinking water (lots!) and getting ready for bed. Hey, it's 10:30. There are people in Peoria snoring by now.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow... is a new day, not to be wasted.

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